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God bless you.

Your generosity helps spread faith and strengthen our community. Donations are eligible for tax deductions.

    The process to send an electronic funds transfer depends on your bank. Click to find detailed instructions for TD, Scotiabank, RBC, BMO or Libro. Please send the e-Transfer to the correct address depending on the nature of your donation. Refer to the table below to determine which address you should e-Transfer to. Your funds will be deposited automatically, so security questions are not required. Thank you for your donation!
    To donate via cash or cheque, first obtain a donation number from our envelope steward, Margaret (contact her at This is a unique identification number we will use to keep track of how much you've given for tax receipt purposes. Once you have a donation number, please mail your donation to 1000 Wonderland Rd S., London, ON, N6K 3S4, or drop it off in your envelope in our front door mailbox. Include a brief note with your name and an explanation of what the donation is for (general donation, refugee sponsorship, food cupboard etc.) Alternatively, our ushers accept donations every Sunday morning.
    If you would like to set up a per-authorized recurring payment, contact David Caughlin at
    If you would like to donate using Paypal or credit card, you may do so through Canada Helps. Please note that Canada Helps charges a 3-4% processing fee, so we will not receive your full donation. We also have a Canada Helps page for the Syrian refugee we are sponsoring, Refaat. Once again, there is a processing fee, so we recommend donating through other means.
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