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Ribbons of Love

Email or phone (519-681-9844 ext. 210) the church with the name of the person you would like to honour and your name (just a first name if you want).

My sister, Janet Patterson, who died last year  ~ Linda Thompson

Victoria  ~ Sandee Clark

Dorothy ~ Sandee Clark

A dear friend, Ana Gladys Nieto ~ Charlene

My aunt, Wilma Reiss who died on November 24 ~ Christine

Uncle Neil who died on September 29 ~ Anne Butler


Aunt Jean who died on December 1 ~ Phil Butler

Janet Lynds ~ Doug Lynds

A dear friend, Ron Lyons, passed away one year ago ~ Jane Prance

My cousin, Marjorie Crossman ~ Lois

My sister, Audrey Darch, who died of COVID earlier this year ~ Margaret Pidgeon

A loving husband, father and grandfather, David, who is gone too soon ~ Judy Ellis

My grandmother, Omaira Ospina Perez, who passed away on December 4 in Colombia ~ Mary Ardila

My Dad, Howard Phillips, who passed away Christmas Eve 2017 ~ Susan Phillips

My dear friend, Carolyn Ingram, who fought so hard to conquer cancer ~ Carol Simmons

Alex McCrae and Ivan Johnson ~ Trudy McCrae

My parents-in-law, Lloyd and Doreen Webb ~ Liz 

Our Dad, Greg Webb ~ Hannah and Sophia

My friend, Mae Taylor, whose birthday was December 9 ~ Beverley Barrett

My neighbour, Marjorie, who is suffering from lupus in her legs ~ love Anne and Gabi

My Grandma Vandenheuvel, who passed away many years ago, and whom I still think of with fond memories ~ Tina Rae

My youngest brother, Neil, who passed away in March ~ Joyce Titus

My youngest brother, Rick, in remembrance ~ Sandra Lally

John Quinney ~ John & Carol Simmons

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