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Size 88 Noto Serif Bold. Colour: #3EA859 (Pigment Green). Use for page/document titles. If used on a white background, use the colour 29703B (Dark Spring Green) instead.

This page is Westview's style guide. You will find information about what fonts and colours to use when designing for the Westview brand. These should be followed strictly when designing for our website, but they are more relaxed for more freeform content such as posters and thumbnails. All of the described styles below are prebuilt into our Wix website theme, simply select from the Themes menu whenever you edit text on the website (Text Settings > Themes > Choose from dropdown).

For headings of important webpages, use this Dark Purple (#1B0722) strip (in Wix I have saved this as a template: Add Section > Saved Sections).

When writing on a dark background, use this light grey (#FAFAFA) size 24 body text. It is preset as Paragraph 3 text in the Wix styles interface.

Heading 2

Noto Sans Bold Size 48. Colour: Black. Use this for first-level page or document subheadings.

Heading 3

Noto Serif Bold Italic Size 32. Colour: #29703B. Use this for second-level page or document subheadings.


Noto Serif Bold (All-caps) Size 20, Character Spacing 0.05. Colour: Black. Use this for third-level page or document subheadings, for less important headings or for accent text.

This is Paragraph 1 text. Use it for most paragraphs. The style is Noto Sans Regular Size 16, Line Height 1.5, colour #787877.

This is Paragraph 2 Text. Use it when you want smaller text or denote text that's less important than Paragraph 1 Text, for example for captions. The style is the same as Paragraph 1, except I am Size 12 and my colour is #A0A09F.

"This is Heading 5, you can use it for a quote, like a testimony or Bible verse. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's cool!"

Noto Serif Bold Italic Size 18. Colour: #3EA859 (Pigment Green)


Playlist Script, any size. Don't use this font for titles, it's too hard to read. Reserve it for flourishes or decorative text.

Here are buttons you can copy and paste. They both use Paragraph 1 text and their colours are 3EA859 (Pigment Green) and 29703B (Dark Spring Green).

Example Website Section

Below is an example website section using the styles outlined above. If you want to use a container box like the grey one below, use the color Anti-Flash White (#E6E9EB).

Summary of Colour Palette

Below is a summary of Westview's brand colours. I have outlined when you are supposed to use each colour on our website. When designing a poster, feel free to use these colours wherever and however you wish, and/or use different ones where appropriate.

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