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Walking Together

in a Good Way

2022 September 23-25

(Friday @ 6:30 pm - Sunday @4:00 pm)

is an in-person event designed to bring

local Indigenous and non-Indigenous

people together in a safe place to

listen and learn the truth about

local Indigenous history, culture and wisdom from Indigenous teachers, artists and others to develop friendships and move forward

the process of reconciliation.


There will be a combination of

plenary and breakout sessions

where people can learn something new

and grow from the experience.

Food will be provided (2 lunch, 1 dinner)

by an Indigenous caterer

to keep people together,

talking and listening to each other.

To Register: 

click the RSVP button.

Scroll past Schedule to Tickets.

Under Quantity add 1.

Click Checkout to

Register and choose Breakout Sessions

for one person at a time.


For any questions,

please contact Kathy at

519-681-9844 or

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