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Prayer for Peace

Lord Jesus Christ, we are looking at a world that feels scary and out of control. We hear the news and wonder what is going to happen next. We live in a pandemic that goes on and on. We abide by restrictions that get tighter and tighter. We watch as violence continues to erupt, and injustice seems to prosper. We sense the frustrations of people here and around the world. We look around and see people who, once were friends, who now look at us with anger or suspicion. We look at our own hearts and see that same suspicion, anger and fear. We look at our communities, our country, the countries of the world, our politics and even our faith and we see dividing lines and hostility.

Jesus, we desperately need you to intervene. You have told us that you are “our peace, (having) made the two groups one and (having) destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility…through the cross….” (Ephesians 2:14, 16)

You have become our peace, help us to let your peace reign in our hearts. You have accomplished this through the sacrifice of your life on the cross. Remind us to trust the sufficiency of what you have done. And teach us to follow your example of self-sacrifice as we look at the world around us. Tear down the dividing walls of opinion, prejudice, ideology and politics. Remove the hostilities that exist in our minds, in our communities and in our world. Restrain and cast out the evil in our hearts. Forgive us for our lack of love and concern for our neighbour. May we once again shine the light of Jesus Christ clearly to a world that needs hope and healing.

Lord Jesus Christ, reign supreme today by the humble prayers, simple worship, loving truths and merciful actions of the ordinary people you call your disciples. And may your Spirit unite, even as we seek to be peacemakers in our families, circles and communities.

Bring healing to our land; physical healing for those sick with Covid-19 or sick with other illnesses at a time when it is difficult to access healthcare. Bring courage and protection to those who are in hospital and long-term care homes. Bring comfort to those cut-off from loved ones in hospitals and long-term care homes. Sustain the physical, emotional and mental health of those who serve on the front line. Give patience and hope to those who live alone and feel isolated. Give wisdom and humility to our leaders to make wise decisions and to lead by example. Replace fear with faith. Bring an end to this physical pandemic. Bring an end to the spiritual pandemic of hate. May your love and faithfulness be made known. May your Kingdom come.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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