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Joy? What Joy?!

"Joy to the World" is what we sing this time of year. But it feels like the world has experienced anything BUT joy this year! Fear? Yes. Frustration? Yes. Anger? Yes? And did I mention fear?

So why keep singing a song like that? Well, first of all because singing for joy, isn't about ignoring your feelings, but about gaining a new perspective on them. You see, God asks us to trust him with what we're feeling. And we can trust him with what we're feeling if we believe that God has done something bigger and better than the cause of all your (and my) negative feelings.

God came into a world full of fear, anger, frustration and uncertainty. And what did he do? Well, he showed us that he loves the forgotten, he forgives the failures and he even has power over illness, weakness and death. When God showed up in Jesus, the world got a front row seat at the demonstration of who God really is and how much he cares for all people. In a world-gone-wrong, God cracked open a ray of light. You are remembered and you are loved by the greatest being in the universe - he even knows your name.

We sing "Joy to the World" because, at that first Christmas, God showed up to prove the lengths he would go to let us be part of his family...his KINGDOM! God gave himself to us, not to change our circumstances, but to change us, by making possible a relationship with the Lord of ALL creation. No one needs to be alone, no one needs to wonder if they are loved, if they are worth something. God has proven it. In Jesus, God even gave up his own life to give us life. Now, all he asks is that we trust in Jesus and what he has done for us (click here for a video about true joy).

So, this third week of Advent, as we remember JOY we invite you to be like Jesus through giving.

On Wednesday, December 16th from 9:30 - 11:00 there is the opportunity to drop off donations for our Food Cupboard ministry at the Gymnasium entrance to the church (the front entrance will be used to distribute food to our community that same morning). There will be another chance to drop off items on Saturday, December 19th from 9:30 - 11:30 am.

We also encourage you to consider dropping off a toy donation to the Salvation Army Toy Drive (click here to find a drop-off point near you).

God has brought joy by giving himself to us. Let's live out JOY through the joy of giving!

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