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Seeing God At Work

You never know how God will work. Sometimes you don’t see what He is doing and you have to have faith, but it is so amazing when God gives you a glimpse into what he is doing. Today I got one of those glimpses through the ministry done through Westview that I would like to share with you.

These are the Bibles sent nearly a year ago. All photos were taken by Rochelle who was looking for the Bible's owner.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a gentleman from our church about how great it is to see God’s work. As we talked, he thought back on a project he had organized to buy and send Bibles to the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Texas. He wanted to help them out in a time of need when they were recovering from a shooting that had happened, and this was how he felt led to help.

As we continued our conversation, he wondered what had happened to those Bibles. He acknowledged that he had received a general thank you letter, but he was still curious about some specific details. However, he let it go, knowing that it was ok if he did not know all the fine details. God knew the whole story and would work through it even though he did not know the whole story.

Jaden's declaration of his new life in Christ.

Today, a message dropped into our Facebook inbox where a lady was looking for the owner of a lost Bible. Her son had found the Bible and noticed that inside the front cover was a note saying that the Bible belonged to Jaden who had recently accepted Christ into his life. On the next page Westview was listed, so she contacted us to see if we could help find the owner.

At first I thought that she had the wrong Westview, because there are a few in the United States, then I looked closer at the pictures which showed our Canadian address and some familiar names attached and I realized that this was one of the Bibles that was sent nearly a year ago!

The organizer of the Bible distribution added these labels and assigned the names of the contributors to each Bible

I started to share this story with a few people and found the needed contact information to help return this Bible back to this child who is so new in faith. Hopefully he gets his Bible back and I pray that his faith will grow deeper every day.

Today I was able to encourage the gentleman who sent these Bibles and the couple who donated to the project and I hope that many others are encouraged to see how God is working.

This Bible had a story to tell and there may be more, but it was given out nearly a year to the day after a terrible shooting. It signified a child giving their life to Jesus and it showed that a church that was so devastated, is still meeting, still growing, and still sharing the gospel.

We didn’t need to know the whole story. We could have just had faith, but I have to praise God today for this glimpse into seeing how He is working through our church and through others to continue to bring glory to his name.

Pastor Tina Rae

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