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Finding Hope, Giving Hope

Updated: Dec 5, 2020


It gives us a reason to carry on even when things around us look bleak. Can’t we all use a bit of that?

We, at Westview, believe that this world is not an accident but was intentionally created by God, with beauty and purpose. God cares about this world AND the people in it. That means YOU too.

And so, even though a lot has gone wrong with the world we believe that God is still here and still cares. God loves YOU! God is actually working actively to bring something far better for you than what you’re experiencing now.

Christmas marks a significant point in God’s plan to bring something better. God came among us in the form of a baby, we call him “Jesus.” God’s plan is that, in Jesus, everything that keeps us away from God can finally be dealt with so we that we can experience true friendship with God forever.

The four weeks leading up to the celebration of Christmas (on December 25th) are called “Advent” and each week of Advent Westview will be celebrating the significance of God’s plan by remembering what it gives us, and by doing something practical to live it out (read more about our Advent plans here).

Sunday, November 29th marked the beginning of the first week of Advent. In it we remember that God is offering us hope today through Jesus. We will be turning on Christmas lights outside of our building to shine a light in the darkness as a reminder that there is HOPE! Because God has come to us. Here's a video that helps explain Hope from the Bible's perspective.

We also encourage you to check out “Hopeful Gifts for Change.” These are gifts given to people in need around the world (and especially in El Salvador) which can be made in honour of someone you know!

AND stay tuned for next week when we remember LOVE. Read about it here. We will be decorating the tree by the front door of the church building with "Ribbons of Love." You can help us decorate it by doing this:

  1. Think of someone who you love and would like to honour. This could be a friend, a neighbour or a family member. It may be someone who is alive or someone who has died.

  2. Contact the church with the name of the person and your name (just a first name, if you want). You can leave a message on the website or call the church (519-681-9844)

WE will put a ribbon on the tree for each dedication and we will add your name and your loved one's name to our "Ribbons of Love" dedication page.

Thank-you for spreading the love and helping us to decorate the tree!

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